Why Choose Advanced Data Recovery

Professional data recovery methods and high success rates
At Advanced Data Recovery, our data recovery engineers and technicians use proven methods and state-of-the-art technology to recover data from virtually every type of disaster with a 95% success rate. Every data recovery project is a unique challenge and each may require different techniques to restore your data. If any of your data is recoverable, we won’t quit until we’ve exhausted every effort to recover your data. We use the latest technologies—including our own unique, proprietary methods—to restore your data. In fact, we’ve often been able to recover data that other technicians and companies deemed unrecoverable.

We work at a hardware level on each data recovery project. This means that we’re able to recover data from even the most difficult situations. Failed hard drives, servers, and RAIDs typically require parts replacement, realignment, re calibration, firmware restoration, and mathematical calculations to determine MFT mount points and data structures and much more.

We care
Our data recovery advisors are available 24/7/365 so you can speak with a live person instead of an automated phone system. Everyone at Advanced Data Recovery—from our data recovery engineers, to our customer service staff, to our executive management team—is focused on recovering your data as quickly as possible so you can get back to your normal routine without missing a beat. Your storage device and data are kept safe and secure through each step of the data recovery process and all data is held in strict confidentiality.

Each data recovery project is unique and receives special attention from our highly trained data recovery engineers and experienced support staff. This means you will receive regular and ongoing updates as to the status of your data recovery project. As soon as we complete the diagnostics phase, your data recovery advisor will provide you with detailed results as well as a complete report which includes a list of all your recoverable files and firm price for recovery.

Regardless of the complexity of recovering your data or the procedures necessary to gain access to your drive or media, it is all included in the diagnostic fee. If your data is not recoverable because of severe platter damage you will not incur any additional charges. (parts location and replacement, realignment, recalibration and firmware restoration are all part of the diagnostics process).

At Advanced Data Recovery, we’re committed to giving you excellent service, and to keeping you informed during every step of the data recovery process. We look forward to serving you. Please call 800-450-9282 or email quotes@adrdata.com if you have any questions or to make arrangements to get your data recovered.

Thank you,

Your Advanced Data Recovery Team